I don't really remember my puppyhood, though I'm sure it must have been good.  Somehow, though, I lost my humans and had to live on the street.  A dog does what a dog has to do, of course, but getting to the shelter was a necessary step.  I was not happy in the shelter.  The staff was nice, but I didn't have much room or exercise - there were so many dogs.  I didn't want to eat or talk to the people who came by.

But on 4/17/2015 I finally found my perfect family (they looked like push-overs)!  The shelter told them I was five years old.  This family has taken a lot of work, but I think I'll keep them.  We live in Wilmington, Delaware.

I've forgotten my original name, but in the shelter they called me Jethrow.  I don't feel like a Jethrow, so I convinced my new family to call me Sam.  "Green Eggs and Ham" is my favorite book.

Why I'm the Best Dog Ever

My Favorite Quotes

Chester County SPCA

This is where I was brought when I was found wandering on the street.  No collar, no tags, no chip.

It was nice to be off the street, but I was not happy.  The staff was good to me, but I wanted a family.  But at first no one wanted me ....


These people (Maggie and her friends) make my favorite treats in the entire world!​  And it's for a good cause.

Rockford Park

This is my favorite park!  I'm allowed to go off-leash, so I'm free to make sure all the other dogs observe proper doggy manners.

My favorite dogs include Cooper and Rex and Seana and Rooney and Bear and Sadie and Libby and Lewes and Barney and ....

Positive Results Dog Training

My new family is pretty good, but they really needed some training.  I like the lady who conducted the class; I got treats and my family got trained!

Best of all, I won the class Golden Biscuit award!

Windcrest Animal Hospital

This is where I go when I have to see the vet.  I don't want him to get lonely.

I’m highly talented.  I can eat, walk, sleep, and play.  And also do that other thing my family is always anxious about.

I'm highly trained.  I know my name, Sit, Down (sort of), and Stay.  I've also learned Water (for a drink out of my Gulpy when I'm taking my family for a walk).

I'm not really overweight, it's just the fur.

I rarely bark.  Only when it's something important that my family needs to know about.  Which usually happens around 3am, but, hey, I'm only reporting it.

About Sam

Friends, Charities & Groups


To err is human; to forgive, canine.

- Chomps McGee


Love is a four-legged word.

- Paws Woofland


Do you know the difference between a Lab and a log?  Neither do I!

- Sam (just kidding, guys!)