You doubt me?  I can bark while I'm lying down with my chin on the ground!

Even more impressively, I can growl while I'm yawning!

I'm a watch dog, not a guard dog.  That's a different union.

A play in one Act and one Dog
(human performance is ad lib - not a speaking part)

​​Me:  Something's wrong!  I'm too weak to move, I can't even stand!

Me:  I must be starving!  It just came over me.

Me:  I think I'm past the point of kibble.  Only a treat will do.

Me:  No, not that treat.  You know, the special one, the one you call "The Big Stinky".

Me:  It's so hard to chew.  Could you break it up for me?  I'm about to faint.

(I eat the treat)

Me:  How about we go to the dog park!

The End

You'll need to practice and to make sure the human understands his / her part.  

This play never goes out of fashion; a performance every couple of weeks is perfect.

Following the leash is often a successful strategy.

When in doubt, look for the feet.

The Starving Spaniel

Hmmm, want a hint?   Simply disregard everything that isn't a spaniel, and you're left with me!

You say you need another hint?  Practice!

The Perfect Watchdog

A Good Old Dog

Really, that's all I am:  a good old dog.

And that's how I should be treated:  as a g.o.d.

You'd be surprised at what goes on under bushes!  Someone has to keep a watch on them, which is why we dogs have our own particular Bushes of Interest (BOIs).  These are some of mine.

I'm going to teach you a new game I invented, called "Spot the Spaniel".  It's challenging and loads of fun!


Spot the Spaniel!​

See, it's not so hard.